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About The Tower

The Tower of London is quite large, and lots of neat things have happened here. It was built a long time ago by a Frenchman called William the Conquerer (that’s him over on the left) who came over to England in the year 1066 — that’s almost a 1,000 years ago! He wanted to build …

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Tower Bridge

Before we take the tour, let me tell you a little about where we are. You can see the Tower Bridge over there standing in the water. If you visit the Tower by car or bus, you might even get to go across it. That water, by the way, is called the River Thames, but …

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Kids Tour

Hello boys and girls. My name is Reginald Raven. I live at the Tower of London in London, England with my mom and dad, and aunt, uncle and baby sister, who are all also ravens. Although my real name is Reginald — and the name my mom always sternly calls me whenever I have done …

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