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About The Tower

The Tower of London is quite large, and lots of neat things have happened here. It was built a long time ago by a Frenchman called William the Conquerer (that’s him over on the left) who came over to England in the year 1066 — that’s almost a 1,000 years ago! He wanted to build a castle inside of a big fort so that future kings could live here. After he died other kings built smaller towers and walls around the castle William had built, and all the buildings together became known as the Tower of London.

Later on King Richard I, dug a big ditch around it and filled it with water from the River Thames, and he called that a moat. Maybe some of you have built a sandcastle and scooped out the sand around it and filled it with water. That’s what they did at the Tower of London. This made it a very good place for the kings and queens to live because their enemies couldn’t get into the fort to attack them.

Nobody could get into the Tower of London unless they had permission from the people who were inside. If they wanted to let anyone in they would lower a wooden bridge on chains across the moat, and then the people could just walk across. This bridge was called a drawbridge. If they didn’t lower the drawbridge the only way a person could get into the castle would be to swim across the moat. Since that was usually filled with nasty smelling water filled with garbage and old potato peelings, people didn’t want to swim across. Besides, with the drawbridge up the door was closed, so even swimming across wouldn’t really work. The moat is no longer there because it was very smelly, and they probably didn’t want people falling in (… hehehe …) now there’s just grass where the water used to be.

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Tower Bridge

Before we take the tour, let me tell you a little about where we are. You can see the Tower Bridge over there standing in the water. If you visit the Tower by car or bus, you might even get to go across it. That water, by the way, is called the River Thames, but I bet you knew that. I like to watch when a really big ship goes by, because all the traffic stops and the two parts of the bridge open up to let the ship go through.

    Tower Bridge

There’s a place nearby called St. Katherine’s Docks; many small boats are tied up or parked there. There’s also a little beach near here at the edge of the river where the sand was put and you can play there if your folks let you.

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Kids Tour

Hello boys and girls. My name is Reginald Raven. I live at the Tower of London in London, England with my mom and dad, and aunt, uncle and baby sister, who are all also ravens. Although my real name is Reginald — and the name my mom always sternly calls me whenever I have done anything wrong — my friends have always called me by my nickname, Rascal.

I have lived at the Tower of London all of my life, and I know all of its history, and all the good places to hide when my dad wants me to help entertain the tourists and I just want to sit in the warm sunshine and hop about on one foot. The visitors I like best at the Tower of London are boys and girls like yourselves. I know we like many of the same things and would enjoy each other’s company.

Ok, would you like me to take you on a tour of my home, the Tower of London? Great! Then let’s ….

How to draw the Tower of London

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