The Beefeaters

See those men in the funny-looking blue clothes? Those are the Yeoman Warders. That sounds odd, doesn’t it? But a yeoman is a title in the military, and part of the Tower of London is called the ward, so it really does make sense.

A popular name for them is Beefeaters, although no one really knows why they are called that. Can you think of a reason? The Yeoman Warders look after the Tower and the Crown Jewels, and they are very helpful when you have questions to ask them. Usually, their coats are blue with red trim, but on special occasions, they dress up in their best clothes which are bright red with gold trim.

Have you ever seen a military parade where they walk around carrying rifles? Well, the Beefeaters in their parades walk around with these long spears called pikes. And one of them even gets to carry around an axe. These are never used except in the special parades, and they are very sharp, so the adults have to be very careful when they hold these. When they are all dressed up they love to walk around and have their pictures taken.

I like to have my picture taken too. If you have your camera ready I will pose for you if you like. I am told I am very handsome in my black glossy feather coat, and my shiny beak … what do you think, null?

Hey! There I am!

That’s me doing my one-foot Rascal dance for a Beefeater. As you see, he is dressed in his blue uniform. I bet he wishes he could dance as well as I can. (hehe)

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