The Ravens

The Queen’s House is right next to the Tower Green. That’s not a building; it is the grass or the “green” that belongs to the Tower of London. Although don’t you think a green tower would be funny looking?

There’s my uncle over on the bench.
Hmm, I don’t think I will call him though. I can tell the way he’s behind that tree and not looking at us he doesn’t want to be bothered.

Psst … don’t tell anyone but he’s really a little shy. Nothing like me! (hehe)

There’s my baby sister, Samantha, hopping across the grass. Hi Samantha! None of us ravens can fly because our wings have been clipped. It doesn’t hurt (it’s like you have your nails clipped); it just makes it so that we can’t fly away. There is an old custom that says if all the ravens fly away from the Tower of London, both the Tower and England will crumble and fall. So that makes us ravens pretty important. They want us to stay here and they treat us very well.

Sometimes I do naughty things, like peck at peoples shoes .. heheheheh … just to let them know whos’ boss here. Sometimes we get cross and annoyed easily. I think it’s because we see other birds flying around and sitting on the roof, or in a tree and we know all we can do is hop about, so that’s why we probably get bad-tempered. When some ravens get annoyed they will peck at your fingers, so its best not to pet us if you do visit the Tower of London and see us hopping around. I am in a good mood today though so I won’t peck anyone.

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