The Lion Tower

Shall we go get some ice cream at the Tower Restaurant? I like strawberry myself, but you can have whatever flavor you want. Ravens’ favorite food is raw egg, which tastes pretty good to ravens. I don’t think they sell raw egg ice cream at the Tower Restaurant though so I will have a strawberry ice cream cone to keep you company. The Tower Restaurant wasn’t always a restaurant. In the olden days there used to be a tower here called the Lion Tower.

The Lion Tower was called that because the king used to keep all kinds of animals here. It was his zoo. If you close your eyes really tight you can imagine the lions walking about. There was also an elephant … and bears too! Yes, I know, they were silly to keep all of those big animals indoors weren’t they? I bet your mom and dad wouldn’t let you keep an elephant in the house, and they are right too! Later, all the animals were moved to a nicer place where they had more space to walk about, and they called that place the London Zoo. Lets take our ice cream cones and continue with our tour.

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