Where To Next?

Well, that just about brings us to the end of our tour of the Tower of London. I hope you have enjoyed it. I always like talking to the boys and girls who come here, and I even like some of the moms and dads who bring them.

I am very proud to live at the Tower of London and like telling people about its history. I have made up a little quiz you can take to see if you have been paying attention to the tour. I think it’s fun to learn things. That’s why I know all about the Tower of London. I love to read and find out what words mean. If I have used a word you didn’t understand, you could ask your mom or dad what it means. Moms and dads know all kinds of neat things about words. Or if you are really clever, you could look the word up in the dictionary. I expect there’s one in your house somewhere. My dad says I am a show-off because I know all about the Tower, but I think I am just a kid who likes to learn … and I know you are the same way. I hope you learned a few things here.

Please come back and visit me, and bring your friends my new friend. Thank you for coming on the tour of the Tower of London! See you soon!

Your friend,

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