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Hello boys and girls. My name is Reginald Raven. I live at the Tower of London in London, England with my mom and dad, and aunt, uncle and baby sister, who are all also ravens. Although my real name is Reginald — and the name my mom always sternly calls me whenever I have done anything wrong — my friends have always called me by my nickname, Rascal.

I have lived at the Tower of London all of my life, and I know all of its history, and all the good places to hide when my dad wants me to help entertain the tourists and I just want to sit in the warm sunshine and hop about on one foot. The visitors I like best at the Tower of London are boys and girls like yourselves. I know we like many of the same things and would enjoy each other’s company.

Ok, would you like me to take you on a tour of my home, the Tower of London? Great! Then let’s ….

How to draw the Tower of London

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