Tower of London Tour Ticket

Tower of London Tour Tickets

Getting the Tower of London tour tickets is essential to experience all the wonders of this beautiful heritage. The Tower of London tour provides opportunities to learn the British history of over 1000 years and connect to deep national reflections. We’ll let you know how to get the tower of London tour tickets, the price, and the benefits of securing one for yourself. 

Overview of the Tower of London 

In the 1070s, William the Conqueror constructed the Tower of London in the heart of his London citadel to announce and protect his royal position and power from the Londoners. 

The purpose of constructing this tower was to exert psychological dominance over the conquered population. Construction of the Tower lasted about two decades. The stone for its construction was carried all the way from Caen, France, by the builders themselves.

After William’s death, other monarchs continued to add to and improve the fortress that is now known as the Tower of London. King Henry III and King Edward I were instrumental in the development of the castle’s enlargement since they constructed the fort’s defensive walls and comparable tiny towers.

Getting The Tower Of London Tickets

Booking a slot to tour the tower of London is easy. Here’s the price of the Tower of London tickets: 

  • Adult: £29.90
  • Child (age 5-15): £14.90
  • Concession (age 65+): £24.00
  • Family saver 1 (1 adult plus 3 children): £52.20
  • Family saver 2 (2 agents plus 3 children): £82.10

There are several ways to reserve tickets for a tour of the Tower of London. Depending on how many stops you make and how long you spend in each, a tour of the fortress can take as little as 60 minutes for a group and as much as three hours for an individual who wants to see everything.

You’ll need to get the city pass before you can begin your sightseeing. You may get in free for the day and enjoy a wide variety of extra features. The London Pass gives you admission to dozens of additional attractions across the city and comes in two different varieties. 

Go City London Explorer Pass
Go City London Explorer Pass

The Gocity London Explorer Pass is the second option; it allows you to visit 80 different attractions around the city. This option is best for individuals who only have time to see a couple of attractions each day. You may purchase tickets for either type of tour at the Tower’s main entrance.

The Tower of London may be booked through a travel guide as well. Booking a guide is the best alternative if you have to travel with young children or elderly people, do not enjoy searching for instructions or standing in lines, or all of the above.

Tower of London Tour Tickets – Review and Experiences

Taking a tour of the Tower of London is something you’ll never forget since the entire tower is a symbol of the illustrious history and culture of Britain. 

The area is a major draw for visitors visiting London. Travelers from all over the world go to the Tower of London to see the centuries-old rituals that have been performed there since its construction. Due to its role as an observer of societal shifts in economics, warfare, and commerce across time, it is also seen as a symbol of evolution.

The Tower of London has also been mentioned in books and plays, and it continues to make significant contributions to English literature and history to this day. There is a momentary sense that all the wars, deaths, and conquests were true since the Tower contains all the royal treasures and crown jewels.

Here are some reviews and experiences based on different Tower of London tour tickets.

Family Ticket: The Tower of London offers a family saver ticket option, catering to families wanting to explore this historic site together. The Family Saver 1 ticket includes admission for 1 adult and up to 3 children at a price of £52.20, while the Family Saver 2 ticket allows 2 adults and up to 3 children access for £82.10. This option provides an affordable way for families to enjoy the Tower of London’s rich history and attractions without breaking the bank.

Standard Admission Ticket: This ticket allows you to enter the Tower of London and explore the various exhibits and attractions at your own pace. Visitors have access to the Crown Jewels, the White Tower, the Royal Armouries, and much more. The standard admission ticket is perfect for those who want to explore the Tower of London independently and at their own pace. Many visitors report that the exhibits are well-maintained and informative, making for a fascinating visit.

Yeoman Warder Tour Ticket: This ticket includes a guided tour by a Yeoman Warder (also known as a Beefeater) who will take you around the Tower of London and provide you with a detailed history of the site. Many visitors enjoy this tour because the guides are knowledgeable and entertaining, making for an engaging experience. Additionally, the Yeoman Warder Tour Ticket includes admission to the Tower of London, so visitors can explore the exhibits and attractions after the tour is over.

Crown Jewels Viewing Ticket: This ticket allows visitors to skip the long lines and have a dedicated viewing of the Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels are a highlight of the Tower of London, and many visitors find this ticket to be well worth the extra expense. Some visitors report that the viewing area can be quite crowded, so it’s best to arrive early in the day to avoid the crowds. 

Twilight Tour Ticket: This ticket provides visitors with a unique after-hours tour of the Tower of London. The Twilight Tour is led by a Yeoman Warder and allows visitors to see the Tower of London in a different light (literally!). Many visitors enjoy the atmospheric feel of the Tower at night and appreciate the opportunity to explore the site in a more exclusive setting.

VIP Tour Ticket: This ticket provides visitors with a private tour of the Tower of London, led by a Yeoman Warder. The VIP Tour includes access to areas of the Tower that are not open to the public and provides a more intimate experience. Many visitors who choose the VIP Tour ticket report that it is well worth the extra expense, as they are able to see and learn about parts of the Tower that are not accessible to the general public.

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